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Foreword on Our Pledge:
In the realm of customer satisfaction and product integrity, TELOSIN stands as a beacon of commitment and quality. The TELOSIN Hong Kong Comprehensive Product Guarantee is our formal assurance to you, offering supplemental rights in addition to the robust protections afforded by Hong Kong consumer law, especially concerning non-conforming goods. This Guarantee is designed to coexist harmoniously with your statutory rights, enhancing rather than replacing them. Under the Sale of Goods Ordinance (Cap. 26) among other statutes, you hold certain inviolable rights as a consumer. Our Guarantee seeks to provide an additional layer of confidence and protection.

Eligibility and Duration:
This Guarantee extends to all TELOSIN branded products and accessories encased in their original packaging. It guards against any defects in materials and workmanship under the condition of normal usage, in accordance with our comprehensive user manuals and strict specifications. The Guarantee is active for a period specified in the individual terms and conditions tailored to each distinct device (“Guarantee Period”), thereby offering a bespoke assurance aligned with the nature of the product in question.

Exclusions from Coverage

  1. Items of a consumable nature, such as batteries or protective coatings designed to naturally diminish over time, unless a premature failure has arisen from a verifiable defect in materials or workmanship.
  2. Superficial damage, including but not limited to, scratches, dents, and compromised integrity of ports unless such issues stem from a proven defect in materials or workmanship.
  3. Problems arising from the utilization of the product in conjunction with non-TELOSIN components or products that do not align with our precise specifications.
  4. Damage attributable to external causes such as accidents, abuse, unauthorized modifications or repairs, exposure to adverse environmental conditions, and other such unforeseeable or preventable occurrences.
  5. Issues emanating from operation outside the ambit of the guidelines provided by TELOSIN’s official user manuals, technical specifications, and published standards.
  6. Unauthorized modifications, alterations, or enhancements that have not received explicit written consent from TELOSIN.
  7. Normal wear and tear or the inevitable degradation due to the natural aging process of the product.
  8. Removal, alteration, or obfuscation of the product’s serial number, which is crucial for verification and guarantee purposes.

Our Assurance Commitment:
Upon the submission of a legitimate claim within the Guarantee Period, TELOSIN vows to:

  1. Restore the product to its optimal functionality by repairing it with components that adhere to our stringent criteria for performance and reliability.
  2. Substitute the product with an identical or, subject to your concurrence, a functionally similar model reconstructed from components that meet or exceed our high standards.
  3. Reimburse the purchase price in return for the possession of the product, effectively absolving the ownership and guarantee thereof.

Procedure for Claiming Guarantee:
Prior to invoking this Guarantee, we implore you to peruse our online support resources or make contact at for guidance. TELOSIN reserves the right to request evidence of purchase and adherence to our registration prerequisites before dispensing Guarantee services.

Delimitation of Liability:

  • Complete Terms: This document encapsulates the entirety of the terms under the TELOSIN Comprehensive Product Guarantee. Except for the rights statutorily accorded to you, all other warranties, conditions, and terms not explicitly articulated herein are hereby expressly excluded.
  • Scope of Liability: TELOSIN disclaims responsibility for any damages or losses not directly resultant from our manufacturing or material faults. This limitation does not extend to scenarios involving death or personal injury attributable to our negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation, gross misconduct, or any other circumstances where limitation or exclusion of liability is deemed unlawful.

This Guarantee applies solely to the original purchaser of the product and shall not extend to any other party. TELOSIN is authorized to transfer or assign all its rights and obligations under the Guaranty to any associated company located in Hong Kong.

General Clauses:
This Guarantee is subject to the laws and judicial interpretation of Hong Kong. Should any clause herein be declared unenforceable or void by a competent authority, it shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms. Disputes arising under this Guarantee shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.


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